What will I receive with my MidwestGSM membership?

You will have 24/7 online access to verified electronics suppliers’ contact information including phone numbers and email addresses. Next you will receive our special industry insider trading newsletter so you can know who has the best prices on products like Apple iPhones. One of our trade advisors will be assigned to your account in order to answer any questions you have or to locate stock. Included in your year membership is the ability to advertise unlimited offers on our website. Finally you will have the assurance that you are trading safely.

Can't I just Google or use Alibaba to find the same suppliers?

You might be able to find a few using Google. We have never found any of our select suppliers on Alibaba. But on your own you will not know which suppliers are trustworthy and which are frauds.

Where are your recommended suppliers located?

We will provide you with actual wholesalers from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

What payment methods do suppliers accept?

Suppliers accept many payment forms including credit card, letter of credit (LC), PayPal, escrow, or bank wire. Others may offer credit in the form of net-terms. Since all of our recommended suppliers carry physical stock you can even “fly and buy”.

I just found a supplier online, but I am unsure if they are a scam. Will MidwestGSM investigate suppliers for me?

Yes, as a member we will use our techniques to check on a supplier you find who is not already in our database of over 400 electronics distributors and wholesalers.

My company is filing an application with an authorized Apple distributor and we would like to use MidwestGSM as a reference. Can we?

MidwestGSM has been used as a reference in the past by our members, and we will gladly help your company in any way possible.

I would like to start offering genuine Apple iPhones to my customers. Do you have suppliers who will provide me with a sample order?

Yes we have many suppliers who offer new buyers sample orders of 1-5 units. Most small orders will require a minimum of 10 pieces.