I’m looking for a wholesaler who has a low MOQ of 10. Will I find one on MGSM?

Yes you will. We have suppliers for buyers of 10-10000 items per purchase.

Do I need a tax ID or business license to purchase from wholesalers?

It is helpful to have a tax ID or business license, but it is not necessary with every supplier.

Where are your verified wholesalers located?

They are located all around the world including North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

What payment methods do the wholesalers accept?

Each wholesaler accepts different payment methods. Overall net30, credit cards, business check, PayPal and other methods are accepted.

I Do the wholesalers allow me to fly and buy?

Yes they allow you to fly and buy. These are physical stock holding companies with offices you can visit.

Does MGSM offer a trial membership?

We do not offer a trial membership. In the past we found by offering a trial membership you open the forum and trading floor up to undesirable people and fraud.